The Pillars of the Tinnitus Retrain System

tinnitus treatment

A Tinnitus Treatment Plan Built on Solid Practical Steps

Tinnitus doesn’t just affect your life—your life affects Tinnitus.
Approaching tinnitus the same way you would the common cold will not only fail, but also encourage system deficit elsewhere in the body. Tinnitus is not a reductionist phenomenon; it’s a holistic phenomenon. With our Tinnitus treatment, we treat the whole person—all facets that make up true health, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Tinnitus Treatment

So where does our tinnitus treatment begin?
First and foremost, we must grasp the Three Fundamental Principles of Tinnitus in order to successfully achieve habituation. Having a clear understanding gives us a firm foundation for planting the Seven Pillars of Tinnitus Health. These primary principles are, how we developed Tinnitus in the first place, how we perceive tinnitus, and how we ultimately choose to live with tinnitus.

Why seven pillars?
In order for our tinnitus treatment not to appear overwhelming, we’ve broken down the program into segments and called them pillars. Like a house, a strong body and mind need a healthy foundation. On top of which are needed strong pillars to support a roof—these seven pillars make up our vital systems.

Once you understand what the seven pillars are and how they work with one another, you’ll have a true picture of holistic health. The jigsaw puzzle will be complete, you’ll understand and experience for yourself how the body systems integrate, support and work in harmony with one another. Then we can truly comprehend and embrace the unique cognitive tinnitus treatment within this program, aiding you in returning to your “natural state.”

tinnitus treatment

Relax, enjoy, and experiment
We recognize that everyone is different; a different body, different needs, different abilities. That’s why we have made the tinnitus treatment system safe and fully customizable. However, to really change your situation, you have to commit. Our program is designed to be fun, it’s not a chore, it’s not a hassle and neither is it difficult, but it is up to you to engage and commit. We aid and encourage you to keep a tinnitus journal to track, monitor, and frequently refer to during the program—keeping you motivated and actively engaged in the process.

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